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Bigbank was founded in Estonia in 1992 for the primary purpose of keeping short-term saving accounts and providing consumer loans. The company is built entirely on Estonian capital and has its headquarters in Estonia. They also have branches in eight different countries including Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden. In addition, they offer cross-border services in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

As a specialised bank, they see their advantages as taking the time to understand each client thoroughly and  calculating their loan options based on their personal factors. Due to this, they claim to be quicker and more flexible
than other credit providers.

Bigbank’s goal is to contribute to the improvement of our surroundings and therefore, they also support important societal projects, mainly in the fields of culture, sports and youth projects.

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Which services does Bigbank offer?

Bigbank’s private client offerings include loans, saving accounts and installments. You’ll find a loan for almost any purpose from Bigbank’s loan portfolio. These include car loans, holiday loans, home repair loans, student loans, wedding loans, loans for hobbies and health – at the core, all of these fall under the category of small loans, though. It is also possible to apply for bigger loans at Bigbank, such as home loans with a real estate collateral.

Do you wish to exchange your current loan for better conditions at Bigbank or join multiple financial obligations into one loan? Bigbank offers a loan refinancing option for this purpose. Bigbank cares about customer satisfaction. In addition to their financial solutions, they also offer a 60-day guarantee. If for some reason are not satisfied with the conditions they offered or with their service, then you can return the money within 60 days without having to pay interest or other charges i. e having to pay a contract fee.

What are Bigbank’s loan conditions?

Although Bibank offers loans with many different names, their conditions are similar to that of small loans. You can borrow up to 25 000€ for different purposes, with an annual interest of 7,9%. You can choose up to 120 months to repay the loan. That is a long enough time for you to able to repay the loan with rather reasonable monthly payments. The contract fee for a small loan is 1,5% of the sum borrowed and a minimum of 45€. Bigbank loans are mostly collateral-free loans. There are different conditions, however, for a home loan or a real estate loan.

Who is eligible for a loan at Bigbank?

The requirements for applying for a small loan are relatively clear and easy. In order to apply for credit, you’ll need to have an official income of at least 300€ a month. You’re eligible for a loan, if you’re between 20-73 years old, an Estonian citizen or if you hold a residence permit. In the case of the home loan, you’ll need to be at least 18 years and have a stable income of at least 500€ a month.

How to apply for a loan?

For the small loan, you’ll need to fill in a loan application and if necessary provide a copy of an identification document and a bank statement. A Bigbank loan officer will then get in touch with you to specify if they need any further documents and to sign the contract. You should get a reply within a few minutes. The loan contract can be signed easily online through using an ID- card or the mobile-ID. Likewise, you can also sign the contract at one of
Bigbank branches.

Regarding home loans, you’ll need to submit an application online and then wait for a Bigbank specialist to get in contact with you.

Can you repay a loan prematurely?

Yes, you can repay a loan before its due by informing the bank, to which they’ll inform you of the final amount due.

Bigbank offers an outstanding array of loans for almost any purpose. Applying for loans is easy through their home page. After applying, you can speak with one of their specialists to clarify all the details. Bigbank’s extra services, like the 60-day guarantee and home loans with special schedules, show that this is a flexible financial organisation that cares about their customers’ satisfaction.